The Small Business Success Podcast, by Infusionsoft

The journey to success in small business is long and difficult—don’t go it alone. Join Infusionsoft co-founders Clate Mask (CEO) and Scott Martineau, two of the most respected names in small business, for an open and real conversation about what it takes to achieve the business growth you’re looking for. They’ll share triumphs, failures, and lessons learned in their 15-year journey from struggling entrepreneurs to executive leaders of a multimillion-dollar software company. Additional entrepreneurs from around the world join the dialogue to share small business tips and business inspiration. This podcast is dedicated to the brave, passionate professionals leading the charge for small business success everywhere in the world.
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The Small Business Success Podcast, by Infusionsoft


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Apr 26, 2017

What do you do when you just can’t get past something - and that something is all in your head? Self-worth and confidence issues are real problems that entrepreneurs face all the time. Clate and Scott take on this listener-submitted question Dan Ralphs, Infusionsoft’s dream manager (aka fairy godmother).

Dan talks about getting out of mental ruts by getting out of physical ruts first; getting the brutal facts out there so you can deal with them, and getting paralyzed by the fear of perfection.

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Apr 19, 2017

Lamar Tyler is one half of Tyler New Media, which started ten years ago as a blog, He ran it with his wife, Ronnie, to promote positive images of marriage and parenting in the African American community. Though it started as a passion, today Tyler New Media has blossomed into a brand that encompasses live events, products, and even films. Lamar talks with Clate and Scott about being life and business partners with your spouse; how automation helped him grow Tyler New Media; and building a team and a culture.

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Apr 12, 2017

Laura Roeder is the owner of Meet Edgar, a social media content scheduler that saves time and makes sure you’re getting the most out of your posts.  Laura walks us through why content matters, the how to get outside of yourself and hire your first employees, and why recurring revenue should be every small business owner’s dream.


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Apr 6, 2017

Enjoy this rebroadcast of Episode 5 - Disciplined Optimism.  We'll back next with new content!

What do Clate and Scott think is the silent killer for small businesses? The inability to cultivate disciplined optimism. Disciplined optimism is a balance between having a positive attitude while being willing to face the brutal facts of your current reality. Clate and Scott talk about why that optimism is so critical to the survival of your small business and how to harness it to help your business and your team succeed.

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