The Small Business Success Podcast, by Infusionsoft

The journey to success in small business is long and difficult—don’t go it alone. Join Infusionsoft co-founders Clate Mask (CEO) and Scott Martineau, two of the most respected names in small business, for an open and real conversation about what it takes to achieve the business growth you’re looking for. They’ll share triumphs, failures, and lessons learned in their 15-year journey from struggling entrepreneurs to executive leaders of a multimillion-dollar software company. Additional entrepreneurs from around the world join the dialogue to share small business tips and business inspiration. This podcast is dedicated to the brave, passionate professionals leading the charge for small business success everywhere in the world.
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The Small Business Success Podcast, by Infusionsoft


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Aug 31, 2016

Brian Young has owned Home Painters Toronto for 28 years, but it took him almost 20 years to come to terms with getting off of cold calling and into online marketing. In fact, it took a literal punch to the face to get him to question the way he was running his business. Brian chats with Scott and director of content Carey Ballard about hitting bottom, making it through the Great Recession, and winning the Small Business ICON award in 2015.

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Aug 24, 2016

You heard Clate’s side of the Infusionsoft story. Now hear it from co-founder and CCO Scott Martineau. Scott talks with director of content Carey Ballard about getting started in his dad’s business, suffering from “entrepreneurial seizures,” and holding on to business when you probably shouldn’t, only to reap the rewards later.


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“The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber


Want to get a leg up on your small business strategy? Check out our e-book “Your Game Plan”!

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Aug 17, 2016

After 20 years in business, The Abs Company has seen a lot: The years leading up to the overnight success of infomercial legend The Ab Roller; negotiating patents and legal disputes; testing their products in gyms; and sending fitness care packages to troops overseas. Sean Gagnon, president of The Abs Company, chats with Clate and Scott about what success looks like, getting Fortune 500 levels of revenue per employee, and learning how to become a leader.

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What is ICON?

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Aug 10, 2016

and remembering that your business is NOT about your product; it’s about the problems that exist for your target customer.


Deiss also recalls the pains of trying to make payroll, the fine line between delegating and just being unwilling to do the work, and getting over the fear of hiring other people.


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How the Mighty Fall” by Jim Collins

Rocky III

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Aug 4, 2016

Cara Hale Alter had built up a fully-booked business in leadership and communication skills—until the recession-induce crickets brought Speech Skills to a crashing halt, and only 5 percent of their previous business volume. She and her business partner/husband used that time to really build up the business so that once the economy recovered, they came out stronger than ever. Cara talks with Clate and Scott about the tremendous burden of being an entrepreneur and the sole breadwinner in her family; saying “no” to clients who monopolize your resources; and how much more fun it is to run a business when you’re not your product.

Stages of small business success

The Credibility Code” by Cara Hale Alter

Conquer the Chaos” by Clate Mask and Scott Martineau

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